Wednesday, November 3, 2010


If you still have one of my signs, here's what to do. Either leave it in place or put it somewhere easily visible at the front of your house, and I'll have people picking them up. If it's still there by Friday, we missed it, so please let me know by at Be sure to send me your address! Thanks!

The Results Are In

All precincts are in, and John Burton has about 58% of the vote, to my 42%. I congratulate him and wish him well. My heartfelt thanks to all who voted for me and everyone who worked on my campaign. It has been an honor to serve on the Alpine School Board.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Thanks, and How You Can Still Help Today

I just posted a message for my supporters at my campaign web site. It updates you on the campaign, thanks you for everything you've done, and suggests something you can still do to help, between now and tomorrow morning. Please read it there.

For supporters who might like to pass it on, and for anyone still deciding how to vote tomorrow, here's a two-page flier in PDF format, which is easy to read, e-mail, and print.


One More Note on My Blog Post about Math

Last week I removed a post from my campaign blog, but not because it was untrue or widely misunderstood. It was true, and there wasn't a lot of room for misunderstanding. I removed it because it was being misused, and to prevent further misuse. You can see my explanation here.

I understand the frustration of the local media and others with my decision to pull the story from my blog and with my refusal to provide additional details to the public. But those decisions stand.

I am satisfied that many parents are awakened to renewed vigilance where their children's math instruction is concerned, which is the most important outcome of all this. And, after conversations with the superintendent about this matter, I am also satisfied that he is addressing the matter appropriately at the administrative level.