Saturday, October 9, 2010


Here are some of the things my supporters are saying about me. I'm honored by their support.

Utah State Representative JOHN DOUGALL:

"As a citizen, I'm glad Tim understands that the public schools should be accountable to the public, and that his job on the Alpine School Board is to represent the people in leading the school district. I value his hard work, his intelligence, his eagerness to listen and discuss, and his vision.

"As a state legislator, I have seen him as the Alpine School Board member who is most willing to dialogue and to roll up his sleeves to work with the Legislators, as we labor to craft wise education policy for the students, teachers, and families of Utah."

Utah State Representative KEN SUMSION:

"I'm pleased to support Tim Osborn's reelection to the Alpine School board. He cares deeply for the students and teachers. He represents parents and taxpayers well. He knows that the public school system -- and the right to determine that system's values and philosophy -- belong to the people and their elected representatives on the school board."

HEIDI RODEBACK, American Fork:

"Tim Osborn has served the parents, children, and taxpayers of the district exceptionally well. He listens to parents. He understands the needs of the schools he's assigned to. He understands math. His private sector experience has uniquely prepared him to understand the real world for which our children must be prepared. Every time I talk education with Tim, he makes good, common sense. A vote for Tim Osborn is a vote for qualified and dedicated representation."

JOEL WRIGHT, former member of the Utah State Board of Regents:

"Tim understands that the status quo in is unacceptable, and we need to improve public education.  Furthermore, Tim knows that we have to do more with less, because our working families cannot pay more property taxes.  Tim has bravely fought for these principles the last four years, and we need Tim to continue making a difference.  Please join me in voting for Tim."

WAYNE SMITH, Math Teacher:

"Tim Osborn has been a tireless advocate for what is best for students. I believe he is doing and has done many positive things to move the district forward, including changing things when things need to be changed and continuing what is working already.

"When Tim joined the school board there were many problems and divisions at various levels in the district. There are still some divisions,  but Tim has worked and is still working on unifying teachers, students, parents and administrators to all work together for the good of everyone.

"I truly believe that Tim is motivated not in doing what is best for the public education establishment, but in doing what is best to educate the public. This includes supporting charter schools, private schools and traditional public schools.

"As an employee of the Alpine School District I know the value of strong leadership at the school board level and whole-heartedly support Tim and his work to improve education. As a math teacher I believe we need unity and improvement within the district math programs. Tim has been a strong support of these needed changes.

"Please join me and vote for Tim Osborn for Alpine School District Board."

Professor J. WARD MOODY, member of Alpine School District Community Council:

"I have known Tim for many years and have greatly enjoyed all my associations with him, including working with him as a member of the Alpine School District Community Council. He is a clear-thinking advocate for transparency in procedure and innovative solutions. He has served the school district well and will continue to do so in the future."

DAVID RODEBACK, American Fork:

"As a parent, taxpayer, and voter in Tim Osborn's district, I am pleased to have him as my elected representative on the Alpine School Board. He's smart. He works hard. He thinks independently. He has a spine. He knows the schools and the community. He listens when people talk to him. And he shares thousands of parents' desire for a solid, effective mathematics curriculum in every school.

"He has my thanks and my vote."


"Political leadership today all too often is defined as having all the answers and the power to mandate them. Fortunately there are those who are the exception to this type of leadership. Tim Osborn is one of them. When it has come to the highly charged issues of public concern in recent years, Tim has proven to be a representative of the electorate, finding ways to introduce public concerns and input into the education of their children rather than stifle it.

". . . Tim has always made it first priority to bring public input and representation to the table of public education.  He has made not only listening, but educating himself, the school board, and the administration on matters of families’ concerns for their children a matter of course. . . .

"Tim is exceptional in his willingness to stand alone in representing the public in the public schools and truly represents responsible leadership. . . . He is a common man with an uncommon ability to see and implement government as a tool responsible and responsive to its citizens, and empowering them and their children rather than directing their lives for them. . . .

"For these reasons, we wholeheartedly support Tim Osborn for Alpine District Board of Education."

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